Program of visit

The third short-term exchange of groups of pupils from Finland, Estonia and Spain took place between 8th and 14th of October 2017. 21 students and 7 teachers took part in the mobility. The aim of the visit was to perfect the skill of programming with the use of different tools. Teachers had an opportunity to gain some experience on the field of teaching programming at different subjects. A few visits to places connected with new technologies were also planned during the stay. Students from Finland, Estonia and Spain were accommodated in the houses of their Polish colleagues involved in the project. During the stay teachers and students gained some knowledge about the educational system in Poland. They could observe Polish traditions and culture. Communicating only in English gave everyone a chance to perfect their skills and feel more cofident during conversations.

On the first day guests were greeted by students and teachers in the common room in the building B of Primary School no 4 under the name of Maria Konopnicka. During this meeting partnership schools presented their teams with the use of multimedia presentations and films. Finnish school prepared a short quiz about their school and Finland in Kahoot app. After the meeting guests visited the building B of the Primary School and took part in algorithmics lesson. Students could get to know each other with the use of the qualified algorithm. On the basis of the block diagram students in groups created quizes on platform. In the end students created their common presentation on Google platform.

After lessons and dinner guests together with students and teachers involved in the project went to the local recreational centre where other integrative activities were continued. Students took part in sports activities and a barbecue.

On the next day everyone met in the second building of Primary School no 4 where younger children are taught. They took part in activities with the use of Ozobot robots. Students and teachers worked in groups. They created boards ‘’Cities of the future” with the programmed route of sightseeing the city by Ozobot. It was a very interesting task for all participants. In the second part of the meeting guests took part in the lesson of programming with the use of Baltie program. In the afternoon students were sightseeing Sieradz with Actionbound app. This app took them to the most important historical places where they had to do different tasks for example answer a question or record a short video with greetings.

On Wednesday students aprticipated in the lesson of Maths with the use of computational thinking. The basis of the lesson was the authorial script ‘’Percents and fractions” written by Mrs Marta Szałek. Students practised controlling Ozobot on platform. Later they were programming Ozobot with the use of app. In the afternoon guests visited local Finnish company Scanfil which produces electronic elements. Students could observe how modern technology is used to make electronic elements. Next they ate dinner and went to the Town Hall in Sieradz. There they watched some films about Sieradz and OpenHair Festival which is our local initiative. After that everyone went to the radio station called Nasze Radio. They had a chance to greet the listeners in their native languages and observe how TIK technology is used in creating radio programs. Later students and teachers went to the oldest secondary school in Sieradz under the name of Kazimierz Jagiellończyk. They visited the building and learnt its history. That knowledge was later used in the quiz about school in Kahoot app. In the end of the meeting students took part in workshops. They could listen how Unity3d program functions and computer games are created.

Thursday was devoted to design thinking. Students and teachers went to the Institute of Technology in Wrocław. Students took part in a very interesting lecture on the topic: Design thinking as a metod used to solve problems where non-standard approach is needed. In the second part of the meeting students could show their creativity while designing a dreamy wallet. Students also visited Net-Computer Supercentre in Wrocław where they could admire the superkomputer.

The official goodbye took place on Friday in the school’s common room. Later all participants went to Warszawa where they visited The Copernicus Science Centre. In the evening everyone were sigtseeing the Old Town and the most important historical places in the capital of Poland.

This next short-term exchange of students showed that Erasmus+ Project gives not only a chance to gain some new knowledge and experience. It is a lot more. It gives an opportunity to meet new cultures and practise language skills in everyday situations.

Pupils and teachers from partnership countries

Welcome at school

Let's get know each other with algoritms!

Integration activieties

Programming with Ozobots

Computational thinking with Ozobots

Programming with Baltie

Design thinking workshops

Unity3D workshops in I LO im. Kazimierz Jagiellończyk 

Warsaw tour


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