Program of visit

The fourth short-term visit of students from Finland, Estonia and Poland took place from 22nd to 26th of January 2018 in Spain. 14 students and 8 teachers took part in that visit. During the last visit students perfected skills of programming with the use of tools such as Appinventor and CoddyFree apps, robots MBots and Makey Makey tool. Teachers who took part in lessons gained new experiences in the field of teaching basics of programming with the use of different tools. In the stay’s programme there were also visits to places connected with new technologies and learning about the culture of Spain. All students were accommodated in the houses of Spanish students involved in the project.

The official meeting started on Moday 22nd January in the library of Hermanos D’Elhuyar Instituto Secundario. The guests were welcomed by the headmaster of Spanish school. Participants of the meeting learnt about the history of school and assets of La Roja region where partnership town Longrono is situated. On the same day they visited the school’s building and found out how it functions. They also learnt about the educational system in Spain. On the same day all teams presented themselves in earlier prepared multimedia presentations and films. The first programming lessons with the use of AppInventor add took place in the afternoon. Students prepared programs for mobile apps –a simple graphic program and translator.

On the second day the participants met the director of Department of Education of La Roja region. They visited the centre of Logrono and some other places in town, for example the Town Hall where they met its representative. After lunch there were next programming lessons. This time students used MBots robots. Students programmed how to control robots.

On Wednesday 25th January all activities took place in Bilbao. All participants visited the Old Town and the famous Guggenheim Museum. Last of all students and teachers learnt how to use new technologies in practice because they visited the building of BTEK Centre in Zamudio. Its architecture is very interesting. The main idea of creating such centre was to show technology to young people as well as promote scientific and technological culture. The workshops about programming robots took place in the centre.

Next day the guests saw the attractiveness of small Spanish towns. In San Millan they visited Yuso and Suso Monastery. It is known as the place where Spanish language was born. In the building of district office students participated in a multimedia test about the project and Spain. It was done with the use of Plickers app. Students and teachers answered questions with the use of code cards. Later they visited JMP Ingenieros Company which produces innovative technological solutions for companies of the future (

On Monday morning in the school’s library students solved easy tasks concerning the basics of programming and algorithmics in CoddyFree app. They used school’s tablets. After lessons they visited the local vineyard. In the evening there was time for parting supper with Spanish families who hostem them.

The stay of students and teachers in Spain contributed to gaining new knowledge about programming and using IT technology in everyday life. They could observe Spanish customs and culture. Everyone communicated in English so they perfected their language skills.

Greeting at school

Presentation of partnership schools

Programming workshops with AppInventor

Workshops with MBots

Programming workshops with Makey Makey

Learning logical thinking with Coddy Free

New technologies in BTEK Center in Zamudio

New technologies in JMP Ingenieros Company

Visiting Logrono

Visiting Bilbao

Visit in local winnary 

Visiting Yuso i Suso Monastery in San Millan

Meetings of pupils and parents 

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