Program of visit

The first short-term exchange of pupils from Poland, Estonia, and Spain took place from 22nd to 28th of January 2017. During the visit in the country of partnership school pupils took part in different activities concerning the topic of the project. In primary school Marttilan Koulu they participated in lessons. They used information-communication tools and visited places connected with new technologies.

On the first day all guests visited school and got to know its rules. They visited classrooms and met teachers. From the first day pupils took part in various activities connected with information-communication technology, algorithmics and programming. During the first lesson pupils got to know one another using linear algorithm. With the help from teachers pupils created multimedia presentations about their countries, towns and schools which they later presented to all participants of the meeting. After each activity students went outside for a 15-minute break. Teachers could observe traditional lessons in Finnish school.

After lessons on Monday pupils and teachers explored Marttila. They went to the Town Hall and local library. They also visited telecommunication company where new technologies in this field were shown to them. Pupils were taken to virtual reality thanks to special glasses which they could test.

On Tuesday pupils learnt the basics of programming robots with the use of Lego construction set. They built a robot and then they wrote instructions for it. The robot had to conduct given tasks. Angel Verde – the teacher of Maths from Spain conducted a lesson based on his authorial script ,,Surface areas and parameters of plane figures”. Lesson was connected with teaching computational thinking. On platform pupils created a program which could draw and calculate surface areas of different plane figures. At the same time pupils learnt various concepts connected with programming as well as coded in Scratch application. They could solve mathematical problems with the use of computer.

Morning activities on Wednesday were aimed at getting to know Google Classroom platform. It is commonly used by Finnish teachers in their work. Other teachers could observe how to use it in their own work. Participants created cooperative project on Google Classroom platform. They generated presentation about themselves and their interests. After lessons they went to Turku where they visited Information Department at University. They met employees who prepared special tasks concerning programming for them. Our pupils did them very well. Later they had opportunity to visit local monuments for example castle and cathedral in Turku.

On Thursday all guests went to University in Tampere. Pupils visited the building of University and took part in the lecture about the use of robots in people’s life. They could see the actions of robots. Some pupils could pilot the plane with the use of flight simulator. Free time on that day was devoted to winter activities.

On Friday Maths lessons with the use of computational thinking and programming in Scratch were continued. Next teachers went to Helsinki to take part in education fair Educa 2017.

That journey to Finland gave its participants a lot of satisfaction. It was an opportunity to gain additional knowledge and skills as well as integrate and get to know new cultures. All participants could use and perfect their language skills in everyday communication.

The students

Marttilan school

Marttila tour

Activities in school

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Helsinki tour

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