Program of the meeting

The third international project meeting of representatives of partnership schools took place in Spain from the 23th to the 26th of April 2017. Hermanos D’Elhuyar school hosted headmasters and teachers of partnership schools from:

a) Finland

  • Mr Pasi Isokangas – headmaster of the Finnish school, teacher of the 4 th grade
  • Mr Miika Huhtinen – coordinator of the project in Finland, teacher of the 4th grade

b) Estonia 

  • Mr Tiit Aedmäe- headmaster of the Estonian school
  • Mrs Kairi Mustjatse – coordinator of the project in Estonia, teacher of mathematics and physics
  • Mrs Järvi Kimst – teacher of Estonian and civics
  • Mrs Aili Seiton – teacher of English

c) Poland

  • Mrs Renata Palikowska – headmistress of Primary School number 4 under the name of Maria Konopnicka, teacher of science
  • Mrs Aneta Leśkiewicz – coordinator of the project, teacher of physics and computer science
  • Mrs Marta Szałek – teacher of mathematics.

The third visit of partners in Spain was a great opportunity to visit the capital city of Spain – Madrid and teachers involved in the project to meet again. On the 23th of April all representatives of partnership schools from Finland, Estonia and Poland met with Spanish coordinator of the project Mr. Alberto Yanguas at “Mora” hotel in the centre of Madrid, where they were booked all together.

Next day guests visited Iberdrola Technological Museum of Electricity in Madrid and a few interesting places. During sightseeing they learnt about the history of Spain. In the afternoon the coordinators’ meeting took place. They talked about next actions within the project. The topic of the conference summing up the project in June 2018 was also dicussed. In the evening there was a trip to Logrono where the partnership school is situated.

On Wednesday all participants of the visit met in Hermanos D’Elhuyar School in Logrono where they were nicely welcomed by the headmaster. He talked about the history of school and region. After the meeting guests visited the school’s building. The coordinators of the project met to discuss past results, budget and documentation. In the afternoon there was a visit to historical places of Logrono.

The official goodbye took place on Thursday.

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