Program of the meeting

The first international project meeting of representatives of partnership schools took place in Poland from the 13th to the 15th of October 2016. Middle school no 3 under the name of the European Union hosted headmasters and teachers of partnership schools from:

a) Finland

  • Mr Pasi Isokangas – headmaster of the Finnish school, teacher of the 4th grade
  • Mr Miika Huhtinen – coordinator of the project in Finland, teacher of the 4th grade

b) Estonia 

  • Mr Tiit Aedmäe- headmaster of the Estonian school
  • Mrs Kairi Mustjatse – coordinator of the project in Estonia, teacher of mathematics and physics
  • Mrs Järvi Kimst – teacher of Estonian and civics

c) Spain:

  • Mrs Silvana Laguna - deputy head of the Spannish school
  • Mr Alberto Yanguas – coordinator of the project in Spain, teacher of computer science and technology
  • Mrs Maria Visitación Remirez – teacher of history and civics.

The first visit of partners in Poland was a great opportunity to visit the capital city of Poland. On the first day the visitors learned the history of Poland and visited the most important places in Warsaw. On the same day during the evening walk in Sieradz the guests could see the most beautiful corners of Sieradz. 

On the 14th of October in Middle school no 3 an official conference with visitors, representatives of Middle school no 3: headmistress, deputy head, teachers and children concerned to the project and representatives of local media took place. The aim of the conference was the self-presentation of all partnership schools. The representatives of each school showed multimedia presentation about scope of activities of their schools, their successes and using information and communication technology. We also exchanged information about the current educational systems in Finland, Estonia, Spain and Poland. The coordiinators of the project from each country presented the range of teaching programming in their schools and currently labour markets and demand for ICT specialists in their countries. The hand-painted posters with symbols of partnership countries, the map of Europa with featured partership countries and names of the schools and the flags of the European Union decorated the classroom, where was the conference. The board with „good morning” in Finnish, Estonian, Spannish and Polish languages welcomed the visitors in the hall of the school.  During the conference guests tasted tradditional polish cakes and they could try pronounce their difficult names.

After conference guests visited the biulding of Middle school no 3 and then they also participated in official cellebration of The National Education Day connected with „Otrzęsiny of the first students”. Thank to that the long-time tradition of Middle school no 3 was presented to them.

The first working meeting of coordinators of the project was aimed at disscising the basic issues connected with project activities including:

  • scope the range of responsibility for project activities of each partner
  • kind of project activities and terms of realization
  • kind od documents confirming project avtivities.

During the meeting all coordinators disscused and signed a contract. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.