The second international project meeting of representatives of partnership schools took place in Finland from the 23rd to the 25th of March 2017. Marttilan school hosted headmasters and teachers of partnership schools from:

a) Poland

  • Mrs Helena Rajewska – headmistress of Middle School no 3 under the name of the European Union, teacher of mathematics
  • Mrs Aneta Leśkiewicz – coordinator of the project, teacher of physics and computer science
  • Mrs Ewa Banasiewicz – teacher of English
  • Mr Michał Sitarek – assistant of the coordinator of the project in Poland, teacher of history and civics

b) Estonia 

  • Mrs Kairi Mustjatse – coordinator of the project in Estonia, teacher of mathematics and physics
  • Mrs Siiri Saks – teacher of science
  • Mrs Anu Voll – teacher of history and civics

c) Spain:

  • Mr Alberto Yanguas – coordinator of the project in Spain, teacher of computer science and technology
  • Mrs Silvia Camarero – teacher of Spanish language and literature
  • Mrs Rosa Rodrigues – teacher of computer science and technology.

The second visit in Finland was an opportunity to teachers involved in the project to meet again. All representatives met with Finnish staff in cosy staffroom in Marttilan school on the 23rd of March. Mr Pasi Isokangas - the headmaster of the school welcomed guests and presented his teachers and school. During the meeting the teachers shared their knowledge about teaching in their countries. They saw classrooms and they got to know how Finnish school works.

On the same day guests went to the capital of Finland – Turku. On the first day the visitors learned the history of Finland and visited the most important places in Turku.

The next day all visitors remet in Marttilan school where the working meeting of coordinators of the project took place. They discussed next issues connected with project activities including:

  • quality of scripts – how they should it polished
  • students’ activities between mobilities
  • methods of evaluation and dissemination of project’s results
  • progress of tasks’ realization.

The guests also visited the Town Hall and the local library on the 24th of March. After the meeting at school all visitors went to one of the Finnish islands where they spent the last night. They could enjoy beautiful views of Finnish archipelagos and  got to know Finnish culture.  All participants could use and perfect their language skills in everyday communication.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.