Program of the meeting

The fourth international project meeting of representatives of partnership schools took place in Poland from the 18th to the 21st of June 2018. The Primary School number 4 under the name of Maria Konopnicka hosted headmasters and teachers of partnership schools from:

a) Finland

  • Mr Pasi Isokangas – headmaster of the Finnish school, teacher of the 4 th grade
  • Mr Miika Huhtinen – coordinator of the project in Finland, teacher of the 4th grade
  • Mrs Hanna-Leena Nurmi - teacher of kids with special needs
  • Mrs Sirpa Riikonen-Mialon - teacher of the 2nd grade

b) Estonia 

  • Mrs Kairi Mustjatse – coordinator of the project in Estonia, teacher of mathematics and physics
  • Mrs Järvi Kimst – teacher of Estonian and civics
  • Mrs Anu Voll – teacher of history and civics
  • Mrs Kristhel Valper - youth worker

c) Spain

  • Mr Abilio Jorge Torres – headmaster of Hermanos D’Elhuyar school
  • Mrs Sonia Garcia Bueno - teacher of Geography and History

The main aim of the last international project meeting was the official summary of all project activities and presentation of the effects to the local community. An official conference was organised to sum up the project. The representatives of partnership schools, head teachers and teachers from local schools, the representatvies of local media, parents of students involved in the Project and teachers and students of Primary School no 4 under the name of Maria Konopnicka took part in that conference.

During the visit in Poland teachers from the Finnish school conducted the lesson with the use of BeeBot robots for class 2a. Teachers from Estonia organised workshops with the use of Sphero and Engino robots for sudents involved in the project. After the conference workshops for teachers were conducted. They showed how to teach the basics of programming from the 1st grade of primary school with the use of different robots. The guests also visited Łódź. They learnt about its history visiting the Museum of the City. Later they went for a walk along the glamorous Piotrkowska Street and ate supper in Manufaktura. Next they watched the match between Poland and Senegal and supported the Polish national team.

The coordinators of the project met after the conference to discuss the ways to publicize the results of the project in every partnership country.

Programming lesson with BeeBot

Lesson with Sphero i Engine Robots

Visiting Łódź

Sum up conference

Workshops for teachers

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